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One of the most important issues in the selection or differentiation of municipal service vehicles around the world is the issueafter sales service These are products that have a great impact on customer satisfaction and consequently increase company sales.

Company Azarpad Sanat Aria ،  Provides extensive after-sales service for all its products throughout the country.

The company has all the parts and accessories Build your own uses  Provides its customers with original and with the best possible quality and the most appropriate price, so we can boldly say that dear customers who buy the products of this company will not have any worries in terms of supplying their car parts and supplies. Had.

On the other hand, the existence of advanced equipment and new systems for repairing and replacing car parts in a suitable space with the presence of qualified specialists and experienced repairmen who are specialized in repairing and equipping municipal service vehicles, is another advantage.after sales serviceThis is the company.

Some of the after-sales services of Azarpad Sanat Aria Company are:

  • Presentationafter sales service To all products of the companyAzarpad Sanat Aria
  • Providing warranty services to the company’s products (hydraulic jacks and valves, etc.)
  • Providing repair services sometimes with main parts in the central repair shop and sending mobile repair crews to all parts of the country
  • Providing specialized technical training on service and maintenance and overhaul of the company’s production vehiclesAzarpad Sanat Aria
  • Six-month replacement warranty for parts (jacks and hydraulic valves, etc.)
  • Active repair shop during work shifts
  • Network development after sales serviceNationwide
  • Supply of spare parts throughout the country
  • Regular car repair and inspection services

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